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MPAM Quality Policy (1st Jan 2020)

MPAM ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 

(Click on the certificate to download)

MPAM_HK_ISO9001_2015 certificate.PNG

MPAM ISO 27001:2013 Certificate (Click on the certificates to download)


MPAM ISO 45001:2018 Certificate (Click on the certificates to download)



Siraj (1) Q.P.S.C.

Address: P.O. Box 22046,

WOQOD Tower 25th floor,

West Bay, Doha City, Qatar 

Construction Director: +974 6694 7816

Rabigh Solar Park - Project 2 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Addendum



South Rabigh Renewable Energy Company

8111 At Takhassusi - Al Muhammadiyah Dist

Unit No 45

Riyadh 12363 - 3282

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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